3 Easy Check ups to ‘Fail Proof’ Your Website Conversion Strategy!

Most businesses today find it compulsory to build their websites. The intent is simply to present their business services in a certain way that generates more trust in their visitors. But what’s actually weird is the ignorance of their websites which has immense potential to fetch more business or put it simply, they have ‘no conversion strategy’ for the website.

More than 27% business which have websites don’t even try to capture the details of an interested visitor. That’s a huge chunk of leads for sales targeting and you just let it waste. It is a staggering waste of opportunities that is enough to make or break a business. You don’t even see the opportunities lying forthwith and then cry foul about poor sales? It is rude to say but with such exaggerated carelessness, you don’t even deserve any sales if at all.

More agony to follow next. A total of 60% business website don’t optimize a landing page for their website! What? What’s so wrong with them to not let their business proliferate? It is a bit too much to be called a blunder. In fact, there is no lesser unforgivable a crime than this for any business aspiring for success.

“Website has infinity of opportunities and probabilities. Do you use it to better effect for your Business?”

Landing page optimization doubles up the number of sales for an average business from its website. Yes you heard it right, that’s twice as much and trust me, it is no exaggeration by any mean whatsoever. It is a fact and you better wake up to realize the same on your business.

The people who don’t have a website may get away for once but those who have a website already but didn’t care to utilize the same as an asset are unconditionally guilty for holding back their own business from the growth it deserved. Of course, it is a horrendous foolishness to be doing a business proficiently.

3 Easy Check ups for a ‘Fail Proof’ Conversion Strategy!

  • Strike the Unique Product Value on the Landing Page

You only have 10 seconds to engage any visitor landing on your website. Either you attract a visitor within this time or else, he will bounce away to seek better options of his interest. This is why a conversion optimized landing page is absolutely must to leave an impression that could make your visitor interested about it.

So, it is really critical to present the factor that magnifies the value proposition of your product in an intuitive and expressive without getting too sticky and too loud to the dislike of visitors. Your product value and it’s uniqueness should strike a visitor right away upon landing on your site.

  • Easy on Eyes, Catchy to Mind…

The fluency of your website is as immense as any other thing. Just a lag of half a second could see your chances of conversion doomed by 5%. People prefer a seamlessly easy flow to interact with a website right away. Simplistic and sober designs give a sense of comfortability to a visitor’s eye and this could make for a nice user engagement.

To have more than one call to action increases your chances of conversion by 14%. So, it is insisted to adopt two or three different designs for a similar goal to ensure higher chances of  conversion. The headlines is a key here and if could string a right chord, you are on the right track for conversion.

  • A/B Testing – Adapt for the Best

Every website that involves regular experiments and extensive A/B testings to ensure that it adopts more productive tactics makes for an ideal conversion friendly landing page design. Conducting tests on a consistent basis is a common practice performed by most successful businesses.

It is impossible for any business to design a perfect landing page. In fact, no landing page can ever become perfect. One thing that pleases me might not excite you equally and vice versa. What you should care is to implement what’s giving you the best result. No personal preferences as such because it is not meant for you but your customer. So anything is fine as long as the conversion is coming thick and fast.