3 Lead Generation Mistakes You Normally Make


How do you think that your business website would help you? Do you know that it can be a great source for lead generation or are you already using it for generating leads but fail to get the kind of results you want? Let us have a quick look at the three biggest mistakes that you make in your bid to generate leads from the website you own.

Mistake 1:

Your Website is Hard to Find:

You would not be able to generate leads online if it is hard to find for the people. If on entering your business name or the key phrases pertaining to your business your website is not shown, you would not be known to the people.

What Can be Done?

Hiring a search engine professional that can review your website from time to time is the best thing you can do. The person can then do keyword research and let the masses at large found you. But, it is good to ensure that you use only white hat techniques.

Mistake 2:

You Do not Update Your Website With Content:

What does your website contain? If your website contains information about your company and your services only, it is just like an online brochure that cannot answer a commonly asked question: What is there for me? When you keep your website updated with tips and tricks that can resolve the issues and queries of the customers then would be able to bring your expertise to the fore and build a trust level with your customers.

What Can be Done?

You need to consult an online marketing specialist that can work on the targeted keywords and build a proper blogging strategy for you. This will keep you ahead on the search engines and you will have an edge.

Mistake 3:

You do not have lead generating material.

Even if you have made your website easy to navigate and have updated content with relevant keywords, you would not be able to generate leads if you lack lead generating material. If you do not have the whereabouts of your visitors like their addresses and their phone numbers then you would not be able to generate leads.

What Can be Done?

You need to work with your copywriter to develop ebook, whitepaper, video series etc. that can be downloaded. That apart, you can create the buttons on your site that can link to the download page.

Wrapping it up:

In short, if your website is unable to generate leads, the investment on it is fruitless. Reach us we will let you know how your website can become a lead spinner to you.