Lead Generation

3 Things That Can Effectively Increase Website Conversion Rate

“If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” – H. James Harrington

Do you know the approximate time figure a visitor gives to any website? As per statistical data records, around 60% of the visitors stay on website for 15-20 seconds hardly. Means you are expected to project all your product or service details within this time span in such a way that can gratify the users in one sight. And if you fail to show how you can resolve their problems then certainly they will take no time to switch on your competitors.

For example, You are assigned a fix time duration while giving any powerpoint presentation and you have to cover up the whole idea emphasizing over some important points. But if you couldn’t express the essence of your topic, audience will automatically lose their attention. Same situation suits perfectly for the website visitors. The only difference is before website construction nobody suggests you for time factor rather you have to calculate it by yourself.

Although there are many small and big points that must be kept in mind before designing the website but three of them play vital role to drive maximum user engagement.

Website Load Speed

Statistics says, 56% people prefer watching movies than reading novels based on it. A very simple reason behind this is time factor. 2-3 hours movie, people find more convenient to watch than spending hours on a thick novel. In this competitive world, humans are running out of time, they have very less time to spend upon any small or big thing. This attitude remains same while they search something online.

Suppose someone thinks to start searching on your website and it takes more than 5 seconds to load your site. Just think! Will they remain trapped in your website? Are they that much desperate to make a purchase from there only?

Of course, no!

It will simply make them irritate and push towards close the tab. And, this is how your competitors again get a chance to re-polish their reliability.

This bad experience of visitor is not limited to that particular person only rather they share about it with family & friends as well and make them aware for not wasting time there.

“ Google can never rank to any stuff which gives off-putting experience to users.”

Research says, the major reason behind the slow loading of website is stuffing of high memory consuming images, videos etc..Well, audio, video and pictures can’t be ignored as these things largely affect the visitors’ attention and lure them to enter into the transaction phase. Although there are many tools available in the market that help to compress the images without losing its quality. One must use PageSpeedTool to monitor if desktop site and mobile site are loading frequently or not. As per statistical data, a website must take hardly 2 seconds to get loaded properly.

Landing Pages

You invest voluminous amount to design an aesthetic website that can give users a pleasing experience. But do you think projecting the same enticing homepage to each new visitor would effectively help in lead conversion?

The answer is ‘no’.

Each new user comes to your website with different problems, requirements  or needs that may or may not be connected to the homepage information. Therefore, it is essential to direct visitors to other pages as per their requirement and these pages must have precise informations that resolve the audience’ problems.

One important point must be kept in mind while optimizing the landing page is it should redirect visitors to the authentic information only. For example, suppose your website sells software products and a page has link ‘how to use it’ then the link must redirect to the page that tells how the software is used rather than any hollow information. Otherwise the visitor will either get frustrated or will jump to other site. And, again you might lose a potential customer.

Apart from this, the new visitors must offer a facility to submit their contact details. For, this a website first, has to prove its authenticity only then the visitor would take interest to enter his personal information.Also, entering this data must get him significant results.

CTA (Click to action) button

In the list of ways to maximize the website conversion rate, the third and most important point is to incorporate the CTA (Click to Action) button. As per report based on the statistical data the CTA button plays a valuable role in converting the potential customer. Actually this button has a logical and authentic importance.

This button should appear on the screen very clearly and must contain the accurate information. For example, if your CTA button says ‘download free ebook’ then it must enable visitors to download the ebook directly. The button should be large enough so visitors have not to roll their eyes across the screen. Though it is a direct approach but have been very effective in strong lead generation over the years.