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3 Top Benefits of Calculating User Intent

Presenting people products or services that are not of their interest will impact your business adversely, isn’t it? Analyzing what users are looking for or guessing user intent helps you to position your business in new and stable way.

What does User Intent mean?

User intent is not simply to get an idea about the products or services people will buy, rather, it is to understand the human mind reasoning for purchase. The purpose of calculating user interest is to incorporate those attributes which are associated with people whenever they buy something. It helps to collect the ‘informational’ and ‘transactional’ data.

How to calculate the User Intent?

Using Analytics for your website is the best way to find out those keywords through which your business gets the maximum traffic. The low bounce rate on analytics shows the most user engaging data which can be used to optimize the landing pages whereas the high bounce rate shows the lack of human interest. All typed keywords in the search engines are not directly related to the user hence it is important to find the relevant information related to user interest.

What are types of User Intent?

There are basically three types of user intent which are:

Converter: Those users who convert the deal and buy the products or services after analysis in no time.

Information Gatherer: Those searchers who do a detailed analysis for the things which are to be purchased and keep no strict intention of conversion.

Navigational Searcher: Those who look for any specific information and never keep any intention of purchasing.

How User Intent impacts your business?

Collecting all the information related to people’s interest and implementing changes in the business accordingly can accelerate your revenue graph frequently. Here some benefits of user interest are mentioned:

#1: Optimize your website

With the help of analytics and user engagement tool, most searched data of your website can be evaluated to some extent. All website pages specially the landing pages must be optimized with the help of this information or keywords. It makes your business services relevant to people need.

#2: Find out buy cycle of visitors

Plotting an analysis graph of user interest helps to understand the extra information needed to be implemented into the website so that users can be pushed for making transactions. The analytics records show the keywords which help largely to contribute in revenue generation. It gives a clear picture of each user’s buy cycle position means the information he/she wants before purchase.

#3: Increase Conversion Rate

If you could grope for human intention before purchase, trust me you will take no time to list your business under top market leaders category. People are the foundation of any business growth and if you have a slight idea about what searchers are looking for, you can shape your business accordingly and engage maximum people showing the exact information they are wanting to know. Once people are satisfied with the information, they will take very less time to enter into the transaction cycle.