Lead Generation

5 mistakes that ruin your Leads and how to fix them

‘Always remember, only Healthy Leads are the actual Leads.’

The website is a propellant which can take a business to new heights but only if used with tactical precision. If not implemented properly, it can deteriorate the potential Leads which a website generates genuinely. It is about spotting the opportunities and grabbing them at the right moments. Most companies are ignorant about these aspects and it dilutes the quality of the lead and sabotages Lead Conversion.

Once you attain a Lead, you should nurture it until it converts. We tried to find and figured out few issues which constantly ruin your Leads and you resultantly miss out on some opportunities. But, It is not easy to figure out a problem specifically if there is no organized process to function. An ‘ill-planned’ or ‘poorly planned’ business often face such tactical issues and actually fight for survival most of the times.

A company that plans and organizes the functions actually follows a genuine workflow. Such businesses keep trying hard to stay safe. But truth is that most Businesses finds it really hard to perform to the true potential they possess and therefore, they are never satisfied with their Sales. This amazes many but unfortunately, it is an utmost honest assessment. It is the reality which Businesses casually ignore and let the opportunities slip away or go in vain…

These are few key attributes which you must work on ASAP to generate healthy and competent Leads.

  • Just Website and traffic are not enough to run a successful Business

It is actually misunderstood fact. After building a business website, we see businesses blindly hiring SEO services and run vague digital campaigns to attain more and more website traffic. It is disoriented to such an extent that they don’t even care about the targeting any specific audience as such.

What it eventually results into? It is really contrasting to what it is expected. Yes, they successfully grab good traffic on their websites. But as they didn’t really care about any specific target, they don’t find valuable Leads out of such traffic.

Resultantly, they have traffic, they reach out to the audience but they are unable to make Customers out of it. Isn’t it ironical? Actually, it is the destiny which such campaigns are bound to face at the end of the day. You are getting traffic but what’s the use of it if most people coming to your website don’t even need any such service as yours. You can never convert them however much you try.

This tactic is disillusioned and disoriented but still, Businesses think they can hit the Bull’s eye with such aimless shooting. It is not just a waste of time but money too. You can’t develop a clientele with such toothless strategies.

It is much better if you target your probable clientele and work in particular manner that aims to influence the relevant people who could actually benefit from your product/services. This ensures that you not only get good traffic, but you also have a relevant traffic which is potentially convertible.

  • Stop Wasting your Time on Impotent Leads

Yes, it is damn important. You got to do it immediately. Can you allow all kind of crappy stuff to be placed in your house disguised as ‘furnishing items‘? Then why can you allow crappy Leads and waste your valuable time on them?

Such Leads are just wasting your time. It is better to generate a good volume of Leads but at what cost? What is the use of all those Leads which don’t materialize into Sales? It is an utter waste of time. If your Leads don’t have the potential of converting and you still work on them mindlessly, you should never expect profits in return. It is as clear as that.

You must not compromise on quality just for the sake of generating more Leads. There’s no way out if you can only manage  2% conversion rate from the Leads. To put it straight, you are getting lesser returns on much higher investments is you do this. Now tell me, is it actually smart!

A smart person is one who produces more with lesser efforts. Poor quality leads definitely stand a chance to get convert but you ‘don’t’ or ‘can’t’ know if it could lead to profit. And as the poor conversion average reflects in poor Leads clearly, it is enough to signify their impotency. It is just that you are able to gather quality leads in-between which manages to cover up for such unnecessary expenditures.

  • Don’t Ask for ‘too much’ Customer Information

While a business must care to convert the traffic into Leads, it should stick to limitations. This is really important to note that actually how a pathetic Lead Generation gimmick impacts your visitor’s mind. If you impose a necessity for each visitor to fill the contact form. You are targeting every possible person to convert into a Lead. You do it without considering the facts that the customer may not be interested in purchasing any such service anytime soon.

Many businesses get more lead by imposing compulsions like these. At the end of the day, they are forced to dig a big mountain and do excessive expenditure to reach out to every single lead. I can’t help but think how ineffective and pathetic it actually sounds!

It is important to extract customer details in an intuitive and non-imposed manner. If a customer could sense the desperation to sell from a business, he is never going to trust it. He will straight away lose his interest in their product which is exactly against the interest of that business. Even if it interacts with such a customer, it would gain nothing.

Ensure that a customer is not at all forced to give his contact details. It is a big let down for any interested customer. At times, it frustrates genuine leads and compels them to jump over you.

All being said, I must agree that it is really very important to get the customer details. But is it worthy enough to lose even one genuine customer for the sake of it? No, you should sort more productive ways to do it. You need to get the customer details in an engaging manner that doesn’t let you look desperate. Rather, you can make sure that a visitor leaves his footprint and contact info because he couldn’t resist knowing more about you. Better CRM tools and widgets are available and they have proved their efficiency for many companies in past. It is high time businesses start to practice these tools for more effective Sales.

  • Make an initiative by clear ‘Call to Action’ feature

This is actually a very ignored aspect because it is not given importance at all. But it is actually the striking point which is vital to make the initiative. It is one feature which always fetches genuine leads. This shows the lesser importance we give to quality. A feature that surely catches your genuine leads is mostly ignored by the majority of online Business sites! This is serious blunder which most businesses are committing unknowingly.

When one offers a clear call to action key, it adds vital value to the transparency of the business. The value of an on-choice accessibility option is unbelievably high. It adds not just transparency but also sets trust and accountability which is necessary to satisfy Customers. It is the genuine intent of any person to believe a more open human being rather than an intensified introvert person. You would like to believe more on an extrovert than an Introvert, won’t you?

There are many businesses which take more time to respond than they probably shouldn’t. In a survey conducted by Cambridge Business School, it was found that only 13% Businesses react to a query within an hour. Shockingly, 23% didn’t reply at all even 72 hours after raising query while 47% took 24-48 hours in their reply to the query.

Sadly, we all know the importance of this feature but still, most businesses willingly ignore the losses incurred due to poor call to action mechanism.

  • Customize your CRM for simplified Management

If this solves your problem, why not do it. You have to make sure that your CRM is customized to precision and you can’t get a better platform to optimize your Leads and manage them to satisfaction.

A human being doesn’t have a mind that can synchronize large volumes of data and use it on their wish. It is impossible to manage accuracy and effective usage simultaneously by the human mind. You can’t help but think of the grand old saying that says, “Nobody is Perfect”, true indeed.

So, use of technology is really a go-to strategy for many businesses which is wise enough to adapt themselves. While technology is more impactful and accurate but still, you got to devise it to perfection that can provide Solution to the problems in real time and more efficiently.

Management is the key to success. Whether in any aspect of life, management is a key attribute for consistency and predictiveness. The better management is always possible by implementing technological tools. One has to create a balanced setup to manage the Leads and CRM customization has proven its worth beyond any doubt.