5 Must Have Features of a Business Website That Tempts Visitor to Convert!

Although, there are many things that you can try to attract your website visitors for conversions. Here we have sorted out few rare features that play a crucial role in convincing your visitor for sales.

  • Offers for the First Time Visitors

Nothing can tempt a visitor more than a first time discount. Most of the people will immediately feel excited about your product if they see a 50% off coupon for themselves. I for one, can’t resist my curiosity to know more if a website offers me a 50% discount straightaway.

But keep my preferences aside and there are strong reasons which influence sales,

  • It gives your visitor a reason to purchase your product now and not later. (Isn’t it what you want from your visitors?)
  • It forms an impression on the Shoppers mind that they are getting a worthwhile deal.
  • It is one of the best ways to collect leads for your business.
  • Client Testimonials

Any online user can never touch or inspect your product physically. All they would do is make a guess about a business by interpretation extracted from your website. And in all honesty, it never helps in setting up trust unless they find positive reviews about your business from various sources.

Why so? Simply because people trust the review of other customers more trustworthy than the business praising itself. Secondly, people have more confidence in purchasing a product which has worked successfully for other customers who had used it. So, it is better to provide client testimonials and reviews to setup trust.

Therefore, actively follow your existing customers for taking their feedback about your product/service. Rather ask them for their reviews through emails. Don’t worry, people will most likely give you a good feedback in most cases. Anyways, I can’t help but doubt the authenticity of reviews when a business has 100% positive reviews?

  • Supportive Set of Policies

A healthy policy instantly convince your users about your business customer relationship values. That is an important concern for a user while deciding to purchase a product.

Don’t keep those policies hidden in corners of your page with unreadably small fonts. You don’t want to look suspicious or do you? No, you don’t. Until and unless, you are an ethical business. Highlight your customer supportive policies as an added value proposition meant for your customers.

Use these policies to show your business friendly nature. Few such policies can be shown as FAQ’s too. Some examples of customer supportive policies,

  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee
  • 30 Days Return Policy
  • Free Shipping
  • Exchange Policy for Faulty Products

These type of value propositions make it easy for a customer to make a confident decision. Nevertheless, these things actually eliminates the chances of misunderstanding, if any.

  • Click to Connect/ Call to Action

At times, you will have visitors who will be willing to engage with the business for clarifying their doubts about anything which they want to know from a business. People always have queries and doubts and you as a business ought to provide solutions.

Using a click to connect feature like Live Chat or any other means of direct interaction can really help give a good opportunity to convince a visitor. There are many reasons which make it a very important asset of a business website.

  • It is Instant way to connect with a user right at his demand. Don’t you like how good that sounds (at least to me)? If you make them wait while answering their queries, they will better run to a business that cares more about the customers.
  • It is convenient for any user to connect with you with a simple click. That’s it. No need to surf more and more content just to get your contact details/email.
  • It is human, so it is more credible. Don’t blame me, it is how people think and I can’t help to change their perception. Much better for you to follow the same.
  • Exit Intent Pop-up

Do you know how many visitors come to your website and instantly jump off because they were not amused? Almost 80% people will do it.

So what should you do as a business to ensure their stay for long enough? Exit intent pop-ups are designed just for this reason specifically. As soon as your user tries to run away, this pop-up come out of nowhere and immediately captures their attraction. You can use many things for this purpose depending upon your business profile.

  • Last minute deals have really better chances of conversion.
  • Offering a freebie or goodies in exchange of the visitor’s detail works as good as you want.

Use these features and see for yourself how effective they are and then thank me later…