5 Sure-shot Ways to Generate Leads Quickly


Printed flyers, mailers and overwhelming response in social media followers do all these methods fail to generate leads and earning top dollars remains a daydream for you? If your crest are fallen because your competitors are doing pretty good and you are failing miserably, worry not! Given here are 10 useful ways using which you can generate leads.

Keep Your Customers Well-informed With eBooks:

Always keep this in mind that making people realize that you are out in the market to sell is the reason good enough why they should distance yourself from you. It is better to keep them informed. Let them gain expertise about your industry and be aware of its benefits. You can share your eBook socially and can ask your network to share that book. Make sure that your book should contain a landing page where visitors can input their name, phone numbers, email and other details.

Newsletter Sign Up on Your Website:

Newsletter is perhaps the simplest way to generate leads. So, if you put a newsletter sign up in all the possible places of your website, it makes sense. This is a sure-shot way to foster relationship with your customers because you keep on sharing special offers, industry news from time to time.

Set up an Optimized Blog:

Blog can help you generate leads but you need to make sure that it is optimized and has a sign-up section. This will help you promote your services and products. If your blog is on the front page of search engines, you can be found easily.

Developing a Video that Can Engage:

This is a difficult task indeed but yes the video needs to be engaging. Always bear this in mind that people look out for entertainment, so you need to spend time on great ideas to make your videos engaging, once you get appreciated by the visitors, you can make your videos viral on StumbleUpon and generate leads successfully.


This is perhaps the most budget-friendly way to reach thousands of prospective customers far and wide. Webinars are meeting over the web that involves discussion, demonstration and presentation etc. If you take a recurring event, you would be able to grow your fan following. You can ask the participants to download your ebook or sign up your newsletter etc.

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