6 Benefits of ‘Pop-up Banners’ for a Business Website…

You can love it or hate it but you can’t ignore popups, can you? More so, if you own a business and run a website. Popup is the instant go-to strategy of any Business website to attract the attention of a visitor and engage them. This helps in many ways but before going into the advantages, just learn more about pop-ups in general…

Why use a Pop-up?

Pop-up is the placard of a website. If a person is holding a placard in front of you, you would not look at the person first, Will you?

Well, this is human psychology. Pop-ups are helpful to make your visitors stay interested and making them explore the website with more curiosity and willingness. This is the reason a website must use pop-ups if it means Business. Pop-up offers an instant call to action and this is really helpful for any Business to engage the visitor into a direct interaction with the Business. Its influence depends upon the way of implementation.

Let us learn few such impact which a pop-up can offer,

  • Spontaneous Attention Seeker

As soon as a visitor enters your website, he sees a lot of things to take it all, at once. So, either he has to go through the content slowly if he finds the content relevant or jumps off if he feels out of place. Pop-up is an evergreen tool to evoke curiosity of a visitor. It has an instant eyeball grabbing ability which compels a person to watch it closely. So just place an exciting content or an enticing deal or a promotional freebie and the user effortlessly engages with you. And as long as a user is engaged, you are in Business…

  • Increased User Engagement

If a person is surfing through a website and is not feeling amused, just introduce a timed pop-up and his mood will most probably change with it. The pop-up is essentially a User Engagement tool and therefore its main motive is to keep your visitor hooked. If you design your pop-up beautiful, put a pleasurable theme and present an eye-catchy content, it never goes wrong. Trust me…

  • More Subscriptions

Collecting user subscription is essential for each and every website to grow a consistent audience. Unless you have subscriptions, you can’t ensure regular traffic influx. There are many people who don’t have time to go through the entire content and rely on subscriptions to stay updated. A popup is a cool way to subscribe users.

Dan Zarella, a popular social media scientist concluded in one of his research that pop up increases the subscription rates by at least two times for a website when it was without a pop-up.

  • Generate Buzz

Popups (if drafted to perfection) have an immense potential to generate buzz. Many websites have gained from this tactic. A good content and a pop-up is the perfect formula for success. When an enticing content that targets the intent of its visitor, the visitor will naturally get drawn to the website. In such a way, you can actually generate buzz with the help of a mesmerizingly eye catchy content used on a pop-up.

  • Influential in Branding

Branding is all about building the market value of your products. And it is impossible If you are unable to present your products nicely. Pop-up is a good way to highlight your unique selling points and spoon feed into the mind of your visitors without forced efforts.

Find user intent and use it to add customized flavors matching the taste of a user. It makes your product and its features renowned. It helps to create awareness about your products for a clearly marked reason. Thus, if you want to brand yourselves, use pop-ups to highlight your product and make it more appealing.

  • Affordable and Cost-Effective

The best part thing about pop-ups is their cost-effectiveness. They are affordable, easy to implement and immediately influential. If such affordability yields really productive results, it ought to get famous. And this is the reason pop-ups are widely popular and integral part of most websites. The cost of a pop-up and the value it offers make it a very successful asset that must not be missed for any reason whatsoever.

Being said that, it is also important to look into few negative impacts that an ugly designed or ill curated pop-up can have on the actions of a visitor. A cheap or unreal content may spoil the image of your website forever. So always make sure to avoid the following cons which a pop-up can misleadingly showcase.

  • Don’t let it become a ‘turn off’ rather than a ‘turn on’.

  • Pop-up content must not feel unreal or spammy by default.

  • Pop-up blockers are potential spoilers.

If everything works well with the pop-up, your business is ready to go places. Always Remember, the better your pop-up, the more will be the impact, expect an exceptional user engagement and abundant user subscription.