Lead Generation

6 Reasons behind Poor Lead Conversions that you usually ignore!

While following your Leads and not being able to generate healthy conversion rates, you are bound to get frustrated. When people see poor conversion rates, they blindly blame their sales staff for it. They would fire the poor performers just to let their frustration out. But that is hardly a solution.

‘Cropping your Sales Team hardly solves the problem.’

Ideally, you can’t get a solution unless you figure out the actual problem. By firing your sales team, you just make the lamb out of poor Sales staff. You don’t even know if they are guilty for poor conversions because the sales team literally sells its heart out to convert every single Lead. And if the Leads are not interested in purchasing then, how the hell can you sell your product?

Yes, Poor Lead Conversion is a big issue. It can decide the future of a Business. But, the aimless butchering of the Sales staff never resolves the core issue that actually results in poor conversion rates. Here address few key issues which you ignored till now while they were actually influencing your conversion rates.

  • Poor Response Time

It is an unforgivable offense for any active business. Astonishingly, the business chooses to ignore the importance of responsiveness in captivating the Leads. It is ridiculous that a Business even it knows that it is late with the response, still, choose to ignore it. How can you even think of grabbing the right opportunities if you don’t care to reply immediately upon receiving a query?

How it impacts a business?

It is a genuine truth that a query is mostly made by those users who are keen about a product or service. If you are quick to reply, you can mark a positive impression on the mind of a User. There’s much more than just a positive impression, you have a good chance to captivate the user because he is more likely engaged in the interaction with his own choice.

In case, you revert back to the same person after 24 hours, he might not show similar interest which he would have showed earlier. You can’t evoke a purchase instinct until the customer feels the need for your product. If he is not interested, it is really hard to convince him to buy your product or service.

Impacts of Quicker Response Time

  1. You charm the user as you are able to convey your Unique aspects more convincingly. If the customer is in that state of mind where he is keen to know about you, he would easily correlate with your product/services.
  2. You mark a positive influence which betters the chances of captivating the lead.
  3. A Lead Response Management Study showed the following results in the survey which included more than 500 Businesses. (Less than one hour – 20%, 1-8 hours – 16%, After 8 Hours and beyond – 26%, Didn’t measure – 38%)

The 20% companies which replied within an hour were able to get 33% more conversions. Isn’t it enough for justifying the point I made.

  • Making too many Inappropriate Initiatives

Yes, forcing an initiative without customer’s consent is also a big mistake. One won’t find it harmful but it is actually a big reason behind many failed conversions. Leads which seem close to conversions at some point often get destructed by making an untimely or inappropriate initiative.

Conversions rely on conversations. It is a process of nurturing the Leads and gradually lead them to Conversion. But a wrong initiative is a major let down. If you can’t make a great start for interacting with a Lead, the Lead will naturally refrain from you.

The worst part is that if you force an initiative, it can even harm your genuine leads. It is a compulsion to look after the convenience of a Lead while making an initiative. And It is really vital to proceed with an initiative with the agreement of a Lead.


  • Not having a ‘Call to Action’ function

A Lead won’t convert till he finds a company reliable for demanding services. And you can never have the badge of reliability if you do not offer a clear ‘call to action’ feature on your website.

You have to make sure that a customer knows the best way to contact you whenever he wishes to do so. It not only evolves a sense of belief on the mind of Leads but also manages to carve an image of a helpful Business care for its customers.

While you might find it irrelevant but on a closer analysis, you find it to be the prime concern for a Lead before closing a deal with any Business. You don’t find people invest on products of a Business which they can’t rely upon.

Impact of a clear ‘Call to Action’ function

  • It maintains a sense of reliability and responsibility of the Business.
  • It lowers the trust deficit which is built by a various unknown or miniature reasons.
  • It is an ideal tool for developing accountability on Business Services and spreads a Customer oriented attitude.
  • Unorganized Distribution of  Leads

Lead Distribution is a headache for any disorganized Business. Even if you are generating copious amount of Leads and still unable to maintain a healthy Lead conversion rate, then your Lead Distribution is seriously flawed. You don’t need to reach out to all accumulated Leads but also assure that the best executive approaches the suitable prospects.

Improper Lead Distribution can lead to many flaws in the entire Sales Process. It not only wastes your opportunities but also increases the Cost per lead ratio. This is not a joke. You are placing your Business at risk due to this mismanagement.

Impacts of organized Lead Distribution

  • This will certainly boost the Sales process and ensures that it is smooth and fluent.
  • The distribution can ensure the Sales Process is evenly centralized and relies on the team rather than individuals.
  • You get to set up preferences to approach a different kind of Leads in more targeted approach. This increases Sales efficiency incredibly.
  • Unknown to priority to approach the Leads

It is a known fact that many companies don’t strategize on optimizing the Leads. They find it a waste of time and money. And it indeed turns out costly later on when they suffer heavy losses and don’t generate good Sales. You can do whatever you want but what’s the point of doing it after the tragedy unearths on your face.

You are digging the grave of your Lead Conversion whenever you don’t pay a heed to priorities. It is unfortunate but an article published on the Forbes Business Magazine in July 2015 emphasizes on the fact that most online businesses are losing out on 71% potential Leads just because of no set priorities.

  • Lack of Coordination between Teams

Businesses thrive on shoulders of a skilled and well-organized team. From Marketing to Sales, every team member has to work in coordination with each other. It is important but still, most Businesses ignores a poorly drafted team and just let it be the way it is. It is a grave mistake. Coordination is a virtual power of any good Business.

It is illusion to avoid the issues and still hope that things will somehow calm down with time. Ignorance will actually widen the already created rift between the two teams. A non-coordinated effort can never end up with productive results. This might look like a hindrance to starting with, but sorting the issues between your internal Teams will provide a much-needed push to the Business in the longer run.

And if you will ignore it, it will scale down the performances of both the Teams and rather damage every other function which is shared by the two Teams.

These aspects are not the ones which you didn’t know about. These are those aspects which you didn’t consider vital and carried your Business along with these blemishes. But what’s the point of ignoring such issues which are virtually cutting down the main root of your Business i.e. Lead Conversion?

No Conversions means no growth, and no growth means no business. It is as simple as that. It is your move and it will eventually affect your Business, so rather control the negatives before they impact and turn the things out of your own control.