Lead Generation

7 Clever Lead Generation tips for Websites that are easy to Implement…

A website is very important part of business, especially in today’s digital landscape. If you have not explored website as a Business tool, you have missed out on captivating a multifaceted asset that could have multiplied your Business prospects. A ‘Website’ has helped many businesses overturn tide of failures and took their respective Businesses towards glory.

Internet traffic consists of an ocean of Customers that also includes your potential targets. You just need to frame a website, generate traffic on the Website and thereafter, capture Leads out of the traffic. It looks easy, but trust me, it isn’t.

There are many Business Websites which attract good traffic and still unable to accumulate Leads.

If your website traffic doesn’t reciprocate into Leads, you need to try out few clever tweaks to ensure that users coming to your web page end up leaking their details. If you are fed up of Poor Lead Generation in spite of good website traffic, then you can leverage these tweaks. Believe me, these tweaks have changed many Businesses and the best example is the global E-commerce brand, Amazon.

Here, we have figured out few clever tips that actually enhance Lead Generation –

  • Interest based Targeting

You should never ignore the mood which your website inflicts on the mind of a visitor. Unless you don’t care to engage your visitors, you can never convince him for sales. A business website has to retain User’s interest. This can be done through intuitive user engagement measures that evoke and retain user interest of each and acquire their details in-between the process. By doing this, you ensure that your user gives his details to you willingly and you won’t have to force him to do it.

This is one major drawback that most business websites showcase. They simply ignore the relevance of user interest. To maintain user interest, you have to highlight the importance of your product/service and how it will resolve his issues. You need to convince the customer that your product is a more productive solution to his problems and constantly strike the significance of that problem to the user. This will ensure that user is aware of the problem that your product rightly fits in and after a certain point, the user will probably seek your solution/product.

When a Customer is bored, his interest starts to fade away. He is more likely to jump beyond your website to surf any other website. This is the limitation of Internet-based Content. You should make sure that this limitation doesn’t influence your user. Just try to attract and evoke user interest or you ought to fail.

  • Place Call to Action feature

This is a quintessential part of user engagement. It provides an initiative for the user to make from his own side and interact with you in one go. It not only increases the Lead Influx but also maintains a credibility that’s essential for brand building.

Such an approach is accepted with open arms by most users. It will more likely land much better results over the longer run of time. It increases the value of a Business. It forms a psychological leverage on the mind of customers because everybody loves a special treatment and more particularly if it is coming from a Business.

You can understand my point with this simple example. Just assume that you are looking for some help, and an unknown person steps into your surprise and somehow manages to help you out. What will you think about the person?

When a person is looking for your product and wants to know about it and he finds you available within a click or two, he will inevitably convert. If you couldn’t convert him, it is a fault from your side.

  • Use the Scarcity element

This is an interesting fact but it is actually true. Scarcity element actually influences the crowd. If I tell you that I have a product that can solve a certain problem of your life, you might get engaged to know more about the product. But that doesn’t mean you will think about purchasing it.

Let us think for instance if I introduce a product to you and tell you that this product will be available for only 10 more people. This interaction will actually make you think to purchase the product. And once I invoke the wish in the mind of my customer, It will be far more convenient for me to convince them. This is the ‘Scarcity element’. Never ever underestimate its potential…

  • Present Site as a Business Portfolio

At times, I find many business websites really awkward. Why? Just because of the generic boring templates, simplistic pictures instead of graphics and poorly drafted content.

Such Businesses must understand that the website is a full-fledged portfolio for the portrayal of your products and services in order to create an impact. It is a platform to present oneself as a ‘King’ even if you are not one. You might be bankrupt but still, people will adjudge you as a king if your Website shows you as a King. So, why not become a king, at least on your website. You never know if it actually turns the tide in your favor. Well, that’s just a joke, but it will actually fetch you much better Leads, both consistently and easily.

Every Business must get this point straight, each visitor who visits your Website must be made to go through your product and know about its Uniqueness and brilliance.

The time is gone when you could survive with general old school setup. You need to stay focused, be aggressive and promote yourself effectively. There is no platform to do it better than your own website.

  • Propogate your Service Influence

Influencers promote change. You can easily convince your customers about your product’s influence by telling stories based on how your product changed the life of a Customer then it can also work as a promoter, you can really create awareness. There are certain aspects of every product that help every customer in some way or the other. If you can convey those aspects through a Customer’s mindset, it adds more weight to your Product/Service.

Many campaigns are popular where big marketing companies award referrals. It is a nice way to create a buzz but it also requires a handsome budget. It takes no economical burden to share the experiences of how your product have changed many lives. It not only packs a solid punch but also stands a better chance to convince people effortlessly.

  • Leave Intent Targeting

Ever wondered about targeting the user when he tries to jump out of your website? No… Results from a survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute found in their research that this approach alone increases the probability of Lead generation by 233%. Well, that is good enough, you won’t such impactful results too often…

It works because of a typical psychological stereotype of the human mind. Whenever a person tries to skip a website, he is either bored or unwilling to explore anymore. At such point, if you can offer something that can easily captivate his mind, you will most likely grab his attention. And once he is interested, you know that you are on the right track. 

  • High Visibility Bars and Slide-in Scrolls

These are few intuitive tools that are attached to a website to make it more appealing. These features include sidebars, bottom bars, top bars, Boxes, Pop-ups, slide in Contact us form, Slide in scroll bars and Slide-in Boxes. These tools offer better visibility and increased appeal. Using such tools to showcase your unique features and presenting them more attractively can be of real help. People often share free contents in exchange of user details but with these tools, you can actually present these contents and make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

It is a very refreshing manner of user engagement. One can’t escape it. Most users who don’t show interest in exploring website content can also get hooked to your website if you use these tools in an appropriate manner. This clearly tells us how this interesting tool can make your presence felt. This also cements the power of creative website tools in general.

Follow the points and tell us about how they created the difference for you. Lead generation is not restricted to any single feature. It requires vivid tools and multiple tweaks in order to generate Leads more effectively. You need to cover as many aspects as you possibly can and ensure that you are able to deliver to the extent of user expectation.