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7 Proven Strategies That Websites With High Conversion Rate Use To Get Recurring Sales

In your bid to increase traffic you tend to forget that all visitors do not buy from you. So, if you plan to use your website as a selling tool, you need to be a little wiser. If potential customers are reaching your website but leave your website without buying your strategies are damb squib. Like you a majority of people focus on increasing traffic to their site but have certain issues that hamper their website lead conversion rate. If certain small things are taken care of, conversion rate can become much simpler.

Here are top 7 proven strategies that can make your visitors take action whether it is filling the contact us form or handling e-mail addresses.

Make Your USP Clearly Noticeable:

Every company has USPs but hardly anyone is aware of them. USP or Unique Selling Points gives you an edge over others and affect conversion rates. So, first identify what makes you stand out of the competition may be price that you offer, faster delivery or exclusive support. Let that Unique selling point shout from proverbial ceilings. Let the people coming to your site know the best you offer and make it clearly noticeable.

That apart, make use of tangible cation verbs where you think call to action can be built. There are certain words and phrases that hit the psychology and trigger the buying behavior. Make use of the phrases like “exclusively for you”, “avail the cheapest offer now”, “heavy discount you cannot afford to miss.”

Make Your E-mail Form As Simple As Possible:

The contact information of those who visit your site can become a constant source of leads  which can be converted into sales. So, make sure that both your e-mail opt in form and contact us form. Ask for the information that is absolutely necessary. Studies have shown that one extra form field reduces conversions by 10-15%.

Keep Your Buy Button Above The Fold:

If yours is an e-commerce site that has a hard time sustaining in the market, you are adding buy button at wrong place. What do customers do when they come to your site and catch hold of the item that they want to buy. If you are adding the buy button or the link that they cannot see or have to scroll endlessly to find, you are losing that buyer. When they come to shop make ADD TO BASKET or BUY NOW button clearly visible to them. If you put a subtle button that is difficult to locate you tend to lose. Instead of putting just ADD it is better to put ADD XXX to Your Basket.

Providing Them Too Many Options Is A Blunder:

You confuse your buyers buy showing them too many related products. This makes them difficult to take any decision. It is better to highlight the USPs of that particular product and add the testimonials of the satisfied buyers there rather than suggesting hundreds of other similar buying options that can overwhelm them.

Make The Refund Policy As Lucrative As Possible:

Needless to say when customers are buying from you they have only the text and images available to judge. There are chances that they may or may not like the product so the refund policy should be made attractive and Cash-on-delivery is a must include. Guaranteed refunds attract the visitors.

Including Remaining Stocks Helps:

If you think that you have a tangible product that sells more than others, including stock numbers helps. Highlighting the remaining numbers leads to call-to-action. You can include phrases like hurry up before it would be out of stock. Order now or buy now only 2-3 are left in stock.

Use High-quality Images:

Put yourself in the shoes of online buyers and feel, you would have a better idea. When people buy online they lack the exact feel of the product and hence the images used should be such that can give them the exact idea of what they are buying. Along with that catchy text helps. Make sure that there is no hype in copywriting as viewers hate this. But, a catchy headline and a text that can trigger call-to-action is helpful.

Bonus Point:

Including positive reviews trigger the buying behavior beyond doubt. As per a study conducted at Zendesk, 88% of the respondents said that the buying behavior is triggered by the reviews.

No doubts that in the era of digitalization where people like to purchase at a click of button from the convenience of their homes, website can be a great source of revenue generation. But, only a few succeed to use their website as a sales tool despite having high traffic. With the help of a few tactics you can get a high website conversion rate and can generate recurring sales.