7 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website


What all you do to keep visitors on your website? Is it easy to navigate, has engaging content, images and videos are catchy? The overall site design is professional and even then visitors leave your website without spending any time on it. So, what can be done to keep visitors on your site and turn them into leads.

What is the Reason Behind? What Can be Done?

This is a problem that every blogger or web marketer has to deal with. Needless to say, converting web visitors is not as simple as making a website. There is a number of unique combinations that can be used to capture conversions. Let us discuss a few of them.

Your Website Design is Outdated:

Website design is the first impression of the visitors. They leave your website as soon as they visit, if the design of your site is outdated. So, it is better to give your site a professional makeover to attract visitors.

There are Too Many Advertisements in Your Website:

Placing advertisements everywhere ruins your websites actually. How do you feel when you are welcomed with a pop up ad as soon as you visit any website. It is better to judge with the spectacles of the visitors on. Make sure that your visitors are not welcomed by pop up ads. Place fewer ads and at the appropriate places.

Your Content is a Jargon for Visitors:

Remember the thumb rule, to make the visitors stuck to your site, your content needs to be informative and useful to your visitors. Engaging content attracts your customers the most and you can make it interactive also by incorporating videos in it. Avoid using Comic Sans font and do not use high contrast color combinations.

Your Auto play Videos Can Prove to be Disastrous:

Visitors can hit the website back button whenever they are greeted by the videos that auto play. The customers’ are more aware than ever and hence they know that they are there on the website to consume online content. So, it is better not to blast it on them.

Your Website Takes A Lot of Time to Load:

Performance of your website is judged largely by its performance. As per the statistics, a majority of visitors just leave your website when it does not load in a second or two.

Your Website is Unresponsive:

This is one of the determining factors. Your website is sure to lag behind if it cannot be accessed by the ever rising number of Smart Phone users.

If none of the above is the reason for visitors to leave your website then you should use a tool that can engage your customers and convert them to leads.