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Customer Engagement: A New Marketing Concept

Provide your salesperson as much training as you can still there is no surety they will sell your products with full efficiency. Means, no business benefit can be promised. There is a natural law, ‘ people who have been through some experience can portray or elaborate it better than those who feel the whole story through reading, audio or video’. To bring best business benefit this law should be followed perfectly.

Your Advocate Customers can sell your products in more effective manner

How much effort do you put into for better customer experience? What is more important to you – expanding your business magnetizing new customers or making a strong connection with the existing customers? The former case will get your business a temporary growth while the latter case would assuredly reinforce your business productivity on a permanent basis. So focus more upon converting your old customers into the advocate ones for branding. This is possible availing customers the satisfactory business solutions that can fulfill their needs or meet out their expectation. The more satisfied customers you develop, the more positive feedback you receive and also, these are the consumers who work as the advocate for your products and services. They share their personal experiences to all those who are in their contact circle and thus helps in organizational growth.

Apply tactic for Customer Engagement

About 87% businesses today focus upon exploring new customers regardless of if their existing customers are happy with them or not. While this concept is absolutely wrong. We are living in a digital world where each business is running online. Peer research and online reviews are playing significant role and largely impact buyers’ decision process.

Discovering customers and nurturing them into the advocate ones is a new notion of taking business profits to the peak. So, customer engagement is important and must be taken care perfectly. But, many companies today have no idea about customer retention. May be they don’t know who are their actual customers or their team is not properly aligned with right customer service.

Just selling and receiving amount for one time from consumers in return of product or service should never be the only aim of any company rather how strong and healthy relation the company is forming with their customers is comparatively matters more. Why it is important and how this logic works effectively is discussed further.

How customers can drive profits

Most organizations are marketing and sales oriented but barely they apply any mind reasoning to be customer-oriented. While marketing and sales both department try new ideas to touch the customer’s’ heart, they are not entirely dedicated to serve customer purpose. Just using an effective tagline for customers is not the healthy company culture rather to stand on that promise matters more.

Customers impact on revenue has two main forms – first, proceeding the existing revenue process; second, inviting new revenue sources.

How can customers help maintain the existing revenue? When you have loyal and satisfied customers, right? They not only cut stress of past revenue source rather are extremely helpful in running successful business campaigns.

Hence customers have wonderful power of taking your business at the top and customers’ choice and voice both matter. So, serve customers as best as you can.