Increase your lead conversion

You may have a dedicated “Contact Us” page but most of the time people do not consider clicking on it or they simply ignore it because they are in hurry.

With tools you can grab the visitor’s attention before they intend to move away.


The above graphic was shared by one of our esteemed customer getting over 20,000 unique visitors per day. Most of their conversions occur through “Contact Us – Auto Load” form, which pop-ups on the screen after 20 seconds of activity on the page.

Just below that with 15.5% conversions occurs through “Deal / Top Bar”, which displays site wide offers & discounts.

Since, this customer is also using our API to distribute leads to their sales team even for the phone calls hence you can see a major 47.6% conversion on that too.

“Last Minute Deal”, which grabs the user attention at the moment they are trying to move away form your website also generates a whopping 8.6% conversions, which they could have lost if they were not using tools.