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How To Build Sales Funnel, Get Leads and Convert Them Successfully?

Being a businessman what matters you the most? The answer to this is apparent enough like all the businessmen you need recurring sales to survive in the market. How do you deal with this indispensable thing? Do you know how to create a world-class sales funnel, how to build an enticing landing page, how to source the target traffic and how to use all the tools optimally to get the end-results? Given here is an exhaustive step-to-step guide. But, first thing first…let us start with why every business needs sales funnel to survive.

Why Sales Funnel Is So Important For Every Business?

Creating online ad campaigns to draw people onto their website or social media pages and expecting them to buy is not a wise investment. This is so because you do not know whether the leads would turn into prospects or customers. Sales funnel is a sure-shot way to strengthen your customer-base.

Sales funnel is an integral part of your business. Qualified or healthy leads are the people who are interested in buying from you but need certain amount of motivation in the form of incentive. You cannot expect a prospect to convert by merely directing them to your social media page. Contrary to this, if you have a well scribbled auto-responder or an extremely attractive landing page offering free-trial, discounts or money-back offer, it can prove to be the motivation they are hoping for.

But, keep in mind that an un-engaging landing page or poorly setup auto-responder or campaigns without targeting keywords can throttle your sales funnel half-way. Prior to discussing about how to build an online sales funnel let us first see what it is exactly.

What is a Sales Funnel?

To define it in layman terms, sales funnel is a systematic process used by the marketing professionals to make your prospects buy from you. The idea that lies at the base of the sales funnel is to turn leads into prospects and then prospects into customers. Sales funnel has been used conventionally but now they are much easier to manage and scale, thanks to the digital marketing tools.

What is the Difference Between Leads, Prospects and Customers?


Leads are just people who know about your service and are interested in buying a similar product. Leads can be segregated into hot or warm leads. Prospects are the ones that are interested in buying from you. They sign up the newsletters and show further interest. Customers buy from you and if you satisfy them they can become recurring buyers.

How Sales Funnel Works?

Have you seen a funnel? Sales funnel is similar to any ordinary funnel with the wider end lying above all and then it narrows down. This is how it works also. This is how it gets filled leads, prospects, and buyer. You get a huge amount of leads but you cannot expect all the leads to turn into customers. Only a percentage of the leads turns into customers and depending on how great you make your sales funnel, those prospects convert into customers and similar to an ordinary funnel weak leads get filtered out and the qualified or hot lead remains. Finally, you know on which area you need to spend your time and energy.

Sales funnel stops you from wasting your time unnecessarily. The more defined your tactics and marketing tricks are the more effectively you would get qualified leads, prospects, and customers.

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What Is Landing Page? How Can You Make A Great Landing Page?

A Landing page is the first page of your website where your website visitors land on after clicking on your URL. This first impression of your website is the foremost also. The page should have a comprehensive information about your product/service and how it would benefit your customers. All the leads that enter their details are likely to get converted into prospects. CTA or call is a specific set of instructions used for initiating a reaction from the leads.

A Landing page is the soul of your website actually and if it is not optimized, not able to engage with the content you are sure to fail in the first step. Displaying real testimonials or including explainer video can help you create a great landing page. You can try implementing A/B to check out which landing page would work the best. You can make use of texts, images, videos or any other thing that can direct your visitor’s attention to CTA.  To capture the interest of users, engaging content works the best. Offering free trials, special offers and discounts work.

Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Landing Page. Possible?

Email Marketing:

E-mail marketing is one of the most important ways to drive in the targeted traffic when you have a list of interested customers. You can create a list of people who may have shown interest in what you sell at certain period of time and with the help of well-drafted e-mail you can target them. It is important to insert a link directing them to your landing page.

Making Use of Your Blog:

You can try finding your most popular blog posts first and then insert a relevant CTA that can redirect the users to the landing page. Regular visitors of your blog can easily become qualified leads.

Cashing On Social Media:

You can consider targeting your followers in the social media. They can prove to be qualified leads with the help of marketing tactics you can turn them to your customers.

You can also use Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media campaigns or guest postings etc to target the leads and convert them into customers after that. Setting up a business is easy but keep it running profitably is a challenging task. With the right strategies in place you can prove to be winner. Develop your sales funnel today, get recurring leads. Let your business be in the safe zone for now and for the time to come.