How to Create a Website That Boosts Business Growth?

Two years ago, one of my friends joined a startup. He was anticipating a bright future there. He was very impressed by their idea. He had such confidence that he couldn’t see a possibility of failure. Every time we had a conversation during the year, he ended up discussing how their product is going to become a ‘breakthrough’ in its own right.

Even though it has been over two years now (and he still works in the same startup) but his excitement has died. He is no more interested in discussing his future in that company. He is hopeless and sees no ray of hope for himself to stay there for more. He is desperate to move on and just waiting for a healthy opportunity to sprang out of that mess.

The increasing space of entrepreneurship is giving birth to a huge number of startups with each passing day. There are a lot of dreams attached with each one of them. But If dreams alone determined success, the laziest person on earth would also be the most successful one.

Only 10% startup survive and 90% collapse before the fifth year of their inception. Not to forget the outrageous competition which they create amongst themselves due to the crowd. As Charles Darwin once gave the theory of natural progression, only the fittest survive. Is your startup fit enough?

An Insightful Overview of the Reasons Behind Failure

In a recent research conducted by The Statistic Brain Research Institute, a collective data prepared by a study of 101 startup failures, ‘No Market Demand’ has been the most common reason for the failure of a startup. But it was shocking to see poor marketing, ignoring probable customers and ill-timed presentation is accountable for the failure of 41% start-ups. That is just one percent less than the reason of failure being ‘No market demand’.

To be honest, ‘Poor Interaction’ is a major factor which is common in issues such as poor marketing, ignoring probable customers and ill timing of product. And the results clearly indicate the graveness of influence which ‘Poor Interaction’ can cause to an entire business. Interaction is a key to success in the field of business. It makes sure that people keep coming with expectations and leaving with satisfaction so that they return back to you the next time.

There are rare platforms of interactions that can match the effectiveness offered by a ‘website’. You can’t get away without interacting with the users and serve them to their satisfaction. If you don’t do that, you don’t deserve to succeed. So better lay a proper interaction platform that connects you with the users and brings new customers to your business on a regular basis.

The website can create an immense and everlasting impact on the mind of users if used aesthetically for a reason. In fact, Success of E-commerce websites is a clear evidence that website can also be the perfect platform to carry out an entire business. And Interaction is the primary motive of a website. It depends on how you use it.

If you sharpen your website attributes and present yourself better, a lot can change. A little extra effort in the presentation can change the fortune of a business. At least in the case of startups, a good presentation alone can open the floodgates of investors. Better Presentation is always more productive when it comes to Business.

Just use User Engagement tools; a blessing in disguise

The concept of user engagement tools on the website has an assurance of success because eventually, it takes care of users whom the website targets. User engagement tools can be anything that engages users and invokes an interest in the mind of users. Once you are able to develop user interest, it becomes much easier to convert them into customers.

Engagement tools are one of the smartest ways of promotion. It can be in form of a Pop-up or the Last minute deal or any other offer that can make your user interested. The fact that it is flashed out of nowhere makes it even more successful because it brings an element of surprise if properly executed.

User engagement tools not only generate an interest in the mind of users, they also captivate on this interest by accumulating customer details with the help of contact us forms. This essentially means you get the contact details of a number of probable customers. Is it less than a Jackpot for any Small business?

Thus, a website that consists user engagement can resolve many issues which are caused due to poor business interaction. This is the most important reason why it is important for a small business or a startup to build a website that makes a difference.