‘How To Maximize Your Conversion Rates Through Visitor Footprint Tracking’

‘You are missing the trick by ignoring Visitor Footprints!’

Usually, people don’t run into your website accidentally. It can be the case but rarely. Most of the traffic on a website is garnered through advertising and marketing which is spread all over across various platforms.

“Success doesn’t come to those who sit and wait for it, It goes to those who go and fetch it.”

Every Platform isn’t equally productive for a Business. One platform may be more successful for one company while a complete failure in case of other company. It depends upon a number of factors. But, you may not find it unless you track your Leads and find out the efficiency of Lead generated from different platforms.

  • Tracking you Visitors is a relevant approach

If you can find how different customers bump on your site, you can target them accordingly. This helps you to determine the true intention of your Customer. If a person came to your Website through Digital Advertising channel, chances are more in favor of conversion because the person knew where he is about to enter and still went through with the action.

It is not necessary that every accumulated Lead wants to purchase your product/Service. But, you have to create a necessity through an effective follow-up strategy.

Likewise, if a person has been on your website through Search Engine Query, he is a generally a long-term prospect. Most of the traffic generated by Social Media is basically caught while jumping through pages while surfing through the Social Media. Such Clients are not genuinely suitable for targeting. Though, you can keep in touch with them waiting for the moment when he starts to show interest.

  • Finding the Sources of Healthy Leads

Yes, most Businesses miss the trick. When we go to a Store, its staff is always on its heel to pitch us a product which he finds suitable to our interest. These guys genuinely look for the right moment while the customer roams around the different section of products. It is a well-understood fact that people won’t waste time on products that they are not keen to purchase.

The Sale person generally pitches product only if he finds it suitable to a person’s choice. How they judge it? Simply by assessment of how a person spends his time on a particular product.

Maintaining healthy Lead Channels is very important to increase your productivity and all that by doing lesser but effective work.

Yes, there is a great influence of tracing the sources of healthy Lead generation. This strategy alone is capable of lifting a fading Business to prosperity. It is easier to focus on a particular platform and generate better business prospects out of it.

  • Optimize Marketing Strategy Accordingly

One of my friend’s website was not gathering much traffic from Google Adwords though he was spending a big amount on Google AdWords promotional campaign. I was critical of it and insisted him to track back but he was not at all amused.

Later, he was compelled to hold back his marketing strategy and optimize it to his Business suitability. His Business wasn’t popular over search engines. Most of the traffic which came to his site was actually generated by Social media and other social circles. I forced him to adopt Facebook and Twitter ads campaigns. He was furious and frustrated initially but the results calmed him down. The Leads generation was three times better although he spent just 65% of what he spent on Adwords Campaign.

You have to promote yourself over a variety of platforms but it is not necessary that all platforms will be equally productive for your Business.

Each business caters to a specific set of Audience. You can find out the suitable platform which has your set of Audience in it unless you track your site traffic. Once you find it out, you can be assured to utilize the particular platform and achieve far better results more efficiently. There are few platforms that are less productive and unable to attract Leads but there are those platforms too which can perform better than your own expectations. It is better to find out your suitable platform that consists of a proportionately larger number of Leads for your product.

  • Interact with Customers; at the right moment, at the right place and as per the Customer’s Convenience.

Can you think of anything more favorable? Yes, ‘being favored’ matters. After all, it is just about a choice to purchase or not to purchase. If you won’t win him over your Leads, someone else will. So always try to present yourself as the best available option.

And you can only find out what is the favorable choice of your Leads unless you have few specific information about a Lead. When you get to know about your Lead, it helps you become the most suitable choice to the problems of your Leads.

  • Presenting ‘Service as Solution’ for big Issues of life!

Yes, it matters. Just think about it from the perspective of a common man. Assume that I am a person who lives at such a place where it rains too often. But I don’t have an umbrella. You are an Umbrella manufacturer so practically you could target me as a potential Lead. But unless you know about me, you can’t figure out my needs and target me. So, You can only target me once you know about my problems which I face due to the absence of an umbrella. If you find this out, you can present your umbrella as a solution to my life problems that are influencing my life just because I don’t have an umbrella.

Umbrella here will seemingly appear to me as a solution rather than just an equipment.

You will have a better chance to Convert me in the second case! Don’t you feel the same? If you have this slight bit of information, you can present yourself in a better manner that creates much bigger impact. The more you know, the better are the chances. You can give an impression as if an umbrella will ultimately solve many issues of my life. The best way to bring this in the notice is through tracking. All you need to find is few relevant issues that co-relate your Product with your Customer.

Hitting the Bull’s Eye’

You can hit the Bull’s Eye by better planning.  In Online World, you have Infinite platforms of connectivity. There are innumerable routes to generate traffic. You can’t track all this data if you want. There are many website tools available which optimize the CRM and enable you to track visitors who have visited your Website. Although, this alone will not prove sufficient.

According to a market survey, if you are able to track about 90% of your traffic, it can amount to 47% increase in the Sales. This is a significant increase, Isn’t it? I think any logical person should get my point by now. Don’t sit back. It is much better to track your Visitors and find your customers out of it.