How Website Conversion Rate Can Revive Your Struggling Business?

Your decisions determine your destiny. On one hand, a smart move can push your business to unimaginable heights while on the other, a thoughtless decision can ruin it to ashes. In the case of small business and startups who are somehow surviving in the market, one decision gone wrong can bring everything to an end. But of late, many small businesses have overturned their revenue graphs by merely strengthening their website conversion rates.

I recently read a news which was about an organic farm entrepreneur who was facing really tough time financially. He was confident that his organic, healthy and fresh food products will receive a good response. But it was really hard for them to promote their food products and create brand awareness through orthodox marketing tactics as they didn’t the fund to do so. They did get few customers but it was restricted to their nearby cities. And, he couldn’t figure out an effective way to reach out to target customers.

The hardship increased beyond the threshold within two years and unfortunately an end looked inevitable. He was fascinated by the success of E-commerce sites and thought of adopting a website based strategy. He had a website but he never cared to use it to attract customers. He got his website redesigned, started blogging and most importantly installed a User Engagement Tool to engage and capture interested users.

The digital strategy worked wonders for him and he started to convert his website traffic into customers. As the website is no geographical boundaries, so he also got few orders from places far off. The website didn’t just increase his sales but it had also enhanced his public outreach. Gradually, he developed a big network and now he has started to expand his farm at different places.

This is just one of the many success stories where a struggling business has found solace in a website. The time is gone when the business had physical constraints or geographical barriers. If your product has a demand, you can sell it by reaching out to your customers irrespective of any constraint or barrier.

Why it Always Works?

Let it be clear, it is a process which follows a few basic concepts. Moreover, I don’t find it acceptable to leave the success of a business on ‘a shortcut’ or ‘a trick’ which can magically mend the things for you.

There are two specific things, first that you can actually fool yourself by following a random move without a thorough understanding of the process and secondly, what will you do if those trick fail after a certain period of time?

So it is always better to adopt tactics which are backed by data and market research. It not only strengthens a weak business model but also enables it to find a firm foothold in the market. Business can’t succeed without loyal customers. And your customers won’t trust you or revisit you if you don’t care about them.

When you interact with a business, it creates an impression on your mind. The website is one of those factors which people can access most easily. The process which a website adopts must engage its customers and assist them in finding true solutions to their problems (which you are supposed to offer). It is preferred by most human beings naturally ( Read more about Visitor Psychology).

How to Achieve Healthy Website Conversion Rate?

A website is a virtual portfolio that can serve you awesome results if utilized properly. But there are many factors which play their respective roles in enhancing the potential of converting the traffic into sales.

  • Develop Influential Content

There is a reason why they say ‘Content is the King’. Content is the heart and soul of any website. Your website is as good as it’s content allows it to be. So, it is an undisputed priority for you to put best quality content that is engaging and informs the user simultaneously.

You must highlight the catchy and attractive aspects of your product and services in a way that helps the user. A business that tends to make false promises or hollow claims may trap one or two customers, to begin with, but they are bound to fail in the long run. If you trap your customers wrongly, trust is the last thing you can expect.

  • Adopt User Engagement Tools

Unsurprisingly, Internet traffic has a vague jump rate. Almost 79% of the people coming to your website will jump out without going through your website. This can hurt you at times. To ensure that more people stay on your website, there are few intuitive tactics that are available in form of user engagement tools.

These tools include the features like timed pop-ups, deal bars, last minute deals and other such things that can grab the instant attention of your customer. The impact depends upon the nature of your content displayed.

For instance, last minute deals is a very effective way of targeting the left intent of a user. As soon as a person tries to escape from your website, the last minute deal or offer which you can customize according to your choice. A catchy offer will catch the visitor attention and invoke a curiosity to go through the content before leaving.

  • Target Your Ideal Customers

It is the best thing about the digital world. You can promote yourself to an audience which is relevant for your product. Such an exclusive access with the audience is not possible in real world.

You can try the A/B testing method to find your preferable platform. Social media provides ample space for growth to people of diverse opinions and beliefs. You can try each of the platforms for once. Thereupon you can continue with the ones which were more influential. Thus It is really very convenient to find the crowd that has your ideal customers in it.

  • Encourage ‘Call to Action’

If you built a website and garner healthy traffic, it is also important to use this traffic productively. Make sure to include compelling Call to Action which can is important for capitalizing on all previous efforts. If you don’t do it, you actually ruin the opportunity which the website creates.

As you understand that Call to Action is compulsory to capitalize on the interested users, it is also important to incorporate such ways that don’t give an impression that you are forcing someone to become your customer. You can do this easily by using smarter and intuitive User Engagement tools.

  • Acquire Details of Interested Users

If you want to convert your users, you have to collect their specific contact details and start a conversation. You can use many interactive designs in your contact us form and make it short and assertive. The people who have been coming to your website and have a genuine interest in your service will always leave their details.

There are many ways of acquiring the details of your customer. You can offer a premium freebie or some other helpful content in exchange of those details. Although it is much better if the user willingly gives away his details to you.

  • Respond Quickly

Though it is not the part of a website but still, I had to mention it because most business actually lets the opportunity fly by their side merely because of their lazy response. A quick and prompt response always strikes the human mind and infatuate your users. A quick response gives you an added confidence as it is naturally well received by the customers. It is a big leverage for trust building.

If you too have been thinking to revive your struggling business and haven’t tried to use the website conversion rate yet, you must try it. It will actually give you a level playing field and help you in finding a firm foothold in the market. Many have already boarded this flight to growth, and much more are yet to arrive. So, are you ready to be one of those turnarounds that the world is about to witness? The choice as it always is, Your own…

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