Just Few Words of Content Marketing opens a Sky of Opportunities!

‘Content is the King’, Haven’t heard this phrase yet? I know most people have heard it. But to be frank, much of them don’t have the slightest clue about the ambiguities surrounding the concept of content marketing. Surprisingly, they still trust the phrase unknown to any reason of this trust. 60% business seek to leverage content based promotion for their business. Although, rare ones achieve a relevant result from their efforts. Those who don’t know much or don’t even want to know the tidbits of it, stay frozen in a cold world of content.

This is the reason why most content marketing campaigns end up without any significant impact or influence on the business. But why it never surprises me? I have a rhetorical question for the answer. How can a business even think of successful content marketing when it doesn’t keen to learn how it works?

Nevertheless, it continues as an easy obvious choice being too budget friendly to the like of business, more so, if the business is small. This simply means there is not much risk involved in it to give a try for once. Even if it goes wrong, they can absorb it as a ‘no profit no loss’ venture as it never leaves their pocket empty. Without any considerable investment, they take nothing serious about it. Being easy can hurt the result but in case, it will not harm. Thus there is no show of commitment or interest, and the results are faded too. And anyway Google is always there to help them with their (copied) content strategy, so what if it fails.

But if everything would have been this simple, people would have never sought professionals to do anything. No mechanic for fixing corrupt machines, no electrician to repair faulty circuit, no carpenter to get the furniture made, just any random guy would be developing the IT solutions for himself, no need to visit Doctor for cure in an illness, teachers nothing more than a wastage of time and so on… Anyways, you may do it all on your own and of course, the mighty google is always there for help.

Quantity Can Tempt, But Only Quality has a Solution…

The online world provides ample space to promote content, in fact, too many channels to confuse any less informed business with ease. The big spectrum of showcasing the content tempts, so many businesses aim their quantitative sales strategy throwing out unfiltered content at random places for random people to see. How the hell can you think it could work?

“A pinching data about content usage is crying to seek our attention.”

According to Google’s crawler, there were about 1 trillion website pages in the year 2008. If you are surprised by the sheer numbers, brace yourself as next one will actually blow your mind out of proportions. The number of pages crawled had reached to a mammoth 30 trillion in the year 2014. It is a staggering increase of 29 trillion pages within 6 years!!! How is the hell that for an increase? (huff…)

Sadly, this harms and in fact, it has already harmed the credibility of content marketing and gradually snatching away the impact too. What else can you expect by presenting poorly drafted disgraceful content! Nobody visits your place for fun, at least not if you are a business.

Quantity is in straight juxtaposition to elementary basics of content marketing. Many businesses fall into its trap and pour out content in bulk, supposedly for a better outreach. But they never get it. People don’t trust you for your bullshit. Upon time many of them realize their mistake, they had already lost credibility and their image maligned for its poor content.

How to Benefit from Content Marketing?

A content marketing makes an impact when a content engages the readers and raises relevant issues in the interest of people. Issues pull the audience with aplomb and glue them for long enough if they see some substance in it. But you have to ensure quality for it. Or else, you will only make a fool of yourself by offering boring lackluster content hoping for a response. Meanwhile, people quit reading your nonsense within seconds with a feeling of disgust for the business.

To plan a content strategy, you first need to identify your goal. Clear your mindset. It helps you approach in the development of an effective content that may actually benefit your business. These are few vital benefits which a business should eye for through content marketing which I will discuss next.

From Content to Brand Value, the journey of Smart Business!

Every business craves to turn into a brand name to reckon with. Although most of them don’t reach their desired destiny. Content is a perfect way to grow a brand out of any business, especially for the business which seeks fame. But just vague nonsense is not content. When writing content for your business, you must share it in the interest of the targeted customer, and if you strike a chord, they start looking at you as a healthy option. There is an intent which ensures that a content could work for business, but if you don’t respect them, you will certainly fail.

Content grows a wide outreach and does that seamlessly. But only if it engages, it raises points, it concerns what people want. This genuinely catches people by their curiosity. More so, if the interest is for the help of the customer. People see it as a mark of trust for a business identity. By the way, a trusted identity is what you call a ‘brand’, didn’t you know that?

So begin with these positive approaches to eye a good content marketing strategy;

Grow Awareness About a Relevant Problem

When you launch a product, it is unknown to the world at first. You will have to introduce it in a best possible manner that catches the eyes of more people towards your product. You need to speak, discuss, engage, entice and influence to the best of your abilities (within a limited budget). You can easily highlight what your product offers and convince people about why they need the product for better. Content not only explains your product and services but enhances its usability amongst people through the awareness. No matter if a person isn’t buying the product at that point of time but whenever he does, he will at least consider you once and this is a damn important for any business to grow.

Offering a Viable Solution (Not Just Product/Service)

The probability of a customer choosing your product is oblivious to the advertisement or promotion by and large. Though you might have missed noticing, most of the big budget advertisements are conducted by business brands that are well established and already built a huge audience for themselves. Smaller Business names can never see their sales chart reaching new heights through an advertisement overnight. After raising an issue to the audience, a sensible advice supported by factual information fetches brownie points for any business to convince customers seamlessly.

Cost Efficiency of Exponential Effectiveness

Yes, it is the most practical way of marketing a business under a limited capital. Producing content and publishing it through various mediums is something that doesn’t need you to empty much from your pocket. The result is as good as your content, and writing a content is not pricey, or you thought otherwise?

Convenient to Customer to his Own Choice

I don’t like those vague junk marketing calls who don’t care if I am interested in their product or not. And I promise you, I make a note to never purchase from a forcefully imposed sales pitch. I hate it and so do your customers too. So, you have the option to explain your business in a more meaningful way if your customer wishes to go through it. Just keep it cool and edgy, he will check your emailed content, at least once. Your content will tick all the right boxes that customer wants, just that you are able to tweak the right chords with your content.

More Trustworthy, Ever Reliable…

Content is the better explanation to a customer’s liking. The Orthodox promotion is always self-pronounced and thereby, less reliable. The advertisement doesn’t influence a decision due to their limited approach. But with Content, you can thoroughly highlight your brand with a more trustworthy and dependable narrative. This makes an impact of a content evergreen and ever reliable. Can you find a more reliable way of marketing? I don’t think there is any better than this…