Lead Generation

Lead generation – without cold calling

Good to see you here… Finally, you admitted, you hate cold calling..!!

Give me a minute… Let me first introduce about cold calling to those who are just going to start the business by preventing them to be trapped.

What is Cold Calling?

It is simply a call when someone who is not expecting your call in order to initiate a sales conversation.
What makes it cold? It is cold because they are not expecting your call.

Probably you find cold calling is not of worth use but still you devote a significant amount of time, energy, and resources.
Tell me. What should you do to grow your business ?? Evidently, you have to increase your sales for your successful business that’s why many business owners are now searching for tips on lead generation without cold calling:

Personal Meetings
Cold calling means you start describing your goods or services on the call without knowing the customer’s interest and face to face interaction.

Whereas personal meetings are the very important medium of lead generation because this type of meetings first start building relationships then you start the sale. In addition, firstly you make the person understand who are you or your company and what are the company offers.

People who have denied before
People say “NO”, sometimes it mean “NOT RIGHT NOW”.
That originally mean they were happy with their provider until the late incident or client did not have the enough funds to invest, but they have now or they have some personal issues, which are resolved now.

So, it makes perfect sense to ask those people who have said no in the past, there might be a chance for the different answers now.

When you are at the networking event it is important to remember that you are not there to close sales, you are there to introduce yourself and your company to the people who might become your client. One of the biggest lead generation mistakes is asking for the sale too soon.

Therefore, always stay focused on relationship building, not deal closing.

Post Webinar
Assume 13 companies registered for the webinar.
Research says,
After the webinar, if you called 12 of the 13. Out of 12 calls, 9 expressed interest in your goods or services.
Overall, this would mean 9 of the 13 registrants turned into hot leads.

Social media
Being active on a social media site can help your company seize the attention of a customer.
Social Media marketing based on some factors such as quality of posts, responsiveness, and frequency.
Many B2B companies generally target on social media sites such as LinkedIn and B2C companies often focus on Facebook, because that’s where their audience is.

It is as simple as that if you want to flourish your business, you have to boost your sales. So, by not wasting your time on feeble, unpleasant strategies like cold calling, invest your time in above-described five tactics.