Lead Generation

Lead Management Means Business Management

You have spent lots of money and effort to capture the leads from the market, so it’s important not to waste that effort and most leads don’t convert on the first impression, which means they need to be nurtured over time.

Two of the most significant components of any lead management solution are:

    • Lead nurturing – make buyers realize that your company understands their problem and knows how to settle down.
    • Lead scoring – to know when to pass leads to the sales team – and when to keep them in marketing for further nurturing.

According to the recent records, most marketing leads are never going after. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of leads generated through marketing get disoriented, neglected or discarded. The most effective way to prevent leads from evaporating is to use a lead management product.

This merchandise becomes no lesser than a boon for you. Do you know the name? And benefits of it? No…? 🙁
Don’t dishearten… The product name is “Scrap.me” and some of the most relevant benefits include that helps you in lead management:

Lead Distribution
A lead management system equips a standardized flow of leads to the sales force, either geographically or chronologically or by product line. This helps optimize the sales staff by distributing leads to appropriate salespeople in a timely fashion and reduces the risk of calling on dead ends.

Faster response
Requests to the most likely buyers might be delayed but now the customer wants rapid response to an inquiry.  Scrap.me allows a company to schedule automated responses.

Establishing customer relationship
Many buyers are not prepared to purchase after only one or two contacts. Scrap.me allow you to arrange automatic follow up within predefined time, so buyers become more familiar with the company or products and more comfortable with the decision to buy.

Trace the footsteps
With the embedded feature of google analytics, you can aware of the customer’s interest. Now it’s easy for you to convince them because convincing is easier if you know about the interest of the listener or what they wanted to hear.

Having a strategic method in place for lead management is vital to the success of any marketing effort. When you use scrap.me, it helps you better understand the customer’s needs and, ultimately, generates more revenue, faster.