Lead Generation

Leave or Exit Intent Targeting

What is your website bounce rate? Have you ever tried to calculate it? If your answer is no then you are doing an absolute blunder.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).

It determines how your website visitor likes your content. In other words higher the bounce rate, less effective will be your website.

In above example the bounce rate is almost 60% and this also means more than half of the visitors on your website aren’t going to convert into leads.

This is why leave intent targeting is must for every website owner unless you are running a website, which is for non-profit.

So how can you target these bouncing customers?

If you are still reading this then it means whatever you are currently doing to engage with your website visitors isn’t working. You need a new set of tools and strategy to target these visitors.

Let’s first understand why do a visitor leave from your website…

    1. Your website content is a mis-match for them. Let’s say I wanted to buy a car and you are showing me catalogues of bikes.
    2. Your pricing is heavy on their budget. Since I wanted to buy a car I went to a car dealership with a budget of $10,000 but instead of showing me cars within my budget they tried to convince me to buy a car with a price tag of $30,000, which is way over my budget. Definitely I am going to leave their showroom instead of wasting my time over there.
    3. Your best offer is buried deep down. There is a $5000 discount running on a $15,000 car but only for those who carries a coupon. Since I don’t have that coupon, hence my chance of getting that car within my budget is none. So, the dealer going to lose my business and I am going to lose my chance to get my dream car. Everyone loses.



When you have a mis-match content you can not do anything to convert a visitor into a lead but when it comes to provide right content to right person there are many areas to improve.

Once such area is to get the customer’s attention just before they are trying to leave your website. For example you can offer them special discount coupons, links to special deals or a free call back to offer them something extra.

At scrap.me we offer one such tool and we call it “Last Minute Deal”. It doesn’t interfere with customer’s organic flow on the website but popups once the customer decides to leave the website. This way you can offer your best deal to them and yet you don’t have to take hit on your profit margins.