Lead Generation

The unprecedented and unconditional importance of User Engagement in Lead Generation!

Let us start by answering a few relevant questions which we are about to discuss-

What’s an unhealthy Lead?

The Leads which don’t need your product and have no relevance of your services in their lives/business are the unhealthy Leads. It is sad if you are getting such Leads because it just shows how spineless your Lead Generation strategy is. You just waste your valuable time by working on such leads even though you know the result prior to making an attempt. There’s no point working on such Leads.

Who has the final authority in Lead Conversion?

The visitor himself. It is eventually the call of a person if he should spend his hard earned money on a product or not. It is well known to all of us that a customer will only buy a product if he finds it suitable to his cause.

So, What makes a Lead more qualified?

It is Simple. There is nothing such as qualified or unqualified Lead. It is just about a need or no need at all. Purchasing a product depends upon the need of a customer. The best way to figure out if a person needs your service/product is the parameter of interest. If he finds it a product/service relevant, he will by default show his interest. So actually, the more is the interest shown by a user, the more he qualifies. This should be the only qualification of a Lead according to me.

There is no distinction about any particular user being more valuable than others. There are certain visitors who offer much better prospects than you expect and then, there are those visitors who seem to offer healthy prospect initially but end up wasting your time and effort without any positive outcome.

I am about to address few practical solutions to a serious issue concerning Lead Generation in general. When you try to seek help regarding this issue, you mostly find marketers throwing up complex academic facts and figures which you go through with lots of hope but to no avail. You end up with no concrete solution as such.

We can not ignore the significance of the Visitors in the process of Lead Generation. Most businesses don’t care about engaging their visitors and just keep trying to extract the contact details of the visitors somehow. Frankly, there is nothing such as perfect lead or 100% conversion rates. Why? Because one can’t take decision for someone else if he is to purchase a product or not. Can you?

It is ultimately the right of a person whether he should purchase or not. You can influence his decision-making by opting for a better approach. If a company claims 100% conversion, it can only occur by chance and it can’t be planned anyhow. Or maybe, if the Leads include no one else but friends, relatives, and family…


The fact is that only those Leads eventually convert who feel a genuine need for your product. So, instead of focusing on Lead Generation alone, you should try to generate interest in the mind of visitors. You should present your services as their solution. A customer will naturally show interest if he could relate with a Solution. User engagement tools help to convince your visitors about the usefulness of your product/service and thereby increase the chances of converting your visitors into Lead.

Importance of a User Engagement Strategy

I recently concluded in a research done on Amazon that focused on how Amazon influenced visitors to purchase through an intuitive and engaging website.

Did you know

AMAZON collects 8 times more revenues than their nearest competitor.

How did they do it?

Amazon ensured that their users get to see what they want to see and helped users find the products they asked for. This made user engagement of Amazon better than their competitors.

You must use your website to generate healthy and relevant leads. Don’t expect someone else to do it for you. And the best way to it through engaging the interested visitors and converting them into Leads.

There are few conceptual advantages of generating Leads through User Engagement tools –

  • Qualitative Lead Generation
  • Increased probability of Lead Conversion
  • Less Effort per Sale
  • More Profit per Lead
  • Enhanced Customer Targeting

You can take assistance from many user engagement tools available in the market. By doing so, you can make sure that those visitors who are actually interested to know about your product/services get converted into Leads.

Therefore, you know that most of your Leads are healthy and probably convert into Sales. As I have said, Lead Generation can’t be full-proof, as it is not our decision to make. It totally depends on the decision of a client.