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Unable To Convert Your Visitors Into Leads? Here is The Solution…

The core issue in such cases lies with User Engagement. There are different aspects which directly or indirectly influence User Engagement quotient of a website. In fact, there are a vast number of businesses which are fetched heavy website traffic but still unable to gather any significant number of productive leads. It is not about attracting the users to a website, it is actually about attracting the users to your products/services.

What is User Engagement?

This is something most businesses are unaware of although this issue continues to hamper their Lead Generation. Many people don’t find the quintessential connection between poor lead generation and user engagement. You can’t resolve an issue unless you know about its root cause. User Engagement ensures that you present yourself to the visitors in a much better way. The visitor is actually guided to know your product/services without wasting much time on your website and ends up converting into a lead effortlessly. This seamlessly captures the interest of your visitors and guides them to pursue further interactions with a Business.

These are few genuine solutions which help you convert the visitor into a lead…

Explore The Power of User Engagement

There are many website tools available in the market that can help you create the desired impact. When you present yourself on a website, you do not aim public welfare through it. Do you? So, make a clearer mindset and reflect it through a positive approach. You aim to garner more business from your website. So, always make sure that your visitors don’t just visit your website, they should actually feel infatuated to your product/services.

It is not easy to manipulate a person’s opinion. You can only engage visitors if and only if you are able to showcase every possible trick in your hat. And for that purpose, you should know what your audience wants and what were their expectations while landing on your website. Always bank on the power of User Engagement because it can impact the overall effectiveness of a website.

Implement a Captivating Contact Us Form  

When a visitor visits a business website, it is not a direct interaction. The website is a common platform to pull the crowd and make your presence felt. You can’t proliferate a business out of such broad interactions. Just attracting the crowd won’t reap reward unless you engage more and more audience and communicate with them as an individual entity. For Business, you must attain the details of those people from the crowd who are showing their interest in your service/product. That’s the reason which makes a captivating contact us form an important tool in User engagement.

You use the contact us form for obtaining the details of interested users. But that doesn’t mean you always have to make it boring, lengthy and sticky in nature. The intuitiveness of a contact us form plays an important role in making a customer decide whether to fill it or not. So never disregard the value of a contact us form. Make it easy to fill, no-nonsense, enticing and subtle. There are many visitors who don’t fill the contact us form because they find it boring. Design your contact us to make it more appealing. Anyways, You won’t like to lose any interested visitor due to poorly drafted contact us form, will you?

Sharpen The Impact Through Visitor Footprint Tracking

Most visitors don’t come to your website accidentally. They are often redirected to your web page through the channels which you continuously work on. The channels can be social media, search engines, articles, blogs, Press releases and many more content promotion channels that you use. It is important to track the footprint of your visitors to reach and target them.

When you figure this out, you enhance your reach and access those channels which are actually influential for getting customers to your business.

Don’t Miss To Add a ‘Call To Action’ Feature

Don’t ignore the power of this smart and innovative feature. This makes sure that your visitor if interested can communicate with you one go. This not only enhances your credibility but also adds a sense of customer awareness. A visitor is always a potential Lead and if he gets interested, you should take its advantage instantly. ‘Call to Action’ makes sure that you leverage that momentary interest induced into a visitor and enhance the chance of Lead Generation.

If you can capitalize on a key moment, it can actually prove vital for both your life and business…

Drive Your Visitors toward Sales Through Intuitive Tools

The human mind has a genuine affection for intuitiveness and creativity. The website is a really good place to take advantage of this basic mindset. While you showcase a lot of content on your web page, you can place many intuitive tools to add to the effectiveness and influence which your content is capable of.

People do not like to go through the entire content and relatively make their mind on the basic impression which they get after a brief and careless view of the content. Intuitive tools are not just able to get noticed by such people but also feel attracted if you could carve out really interesting and curiosity-driven tools on your web page.


So, these are few really beneficial aspects which can make your website more visitor friendly and seamlessly guides them toward Sales. There are many Businesses which are worth their weight in gold and all because of their intuitive websites. They not only generate copious amount of leads but also leave a strong impression that helps them with conversions.

Solutions are always out there. You just need to follow these really vital aspects which can make your website simply proficient to entice, engage and capture the Leads.  (You must try these 7 easy lead generation tricks that actually work.)


  • Joel Sam

    Great article Tushar!
    A lot of the tools and tricks are around finding ways to increase the lead at the top of your marketing funnel, whether it’s increasing social media reach, lead list size, or any other marketing feature.
    I would like to mention 6 Underestimated Lead Generation Tricks. Every marketer knows that one-size-fits-all does not work, especially in the B2B market.Other readers kindly check the site for reference.