‘Visuals’ are more powerful instead of ‘Text’

A study shows our brain retain and transmit much more information not only they process visuals faster when it’s delivered visually.
Our brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Yeah, you read it right.
Do you want to see how..?? Yeah..?

Here it is:

    • Information transmission to the brain in visual is 90%.
    • Your eyes have 70% of your sensory receptors.
    • Your brain is 50% active in visual processing.
    • 40% of people respond better to visuals.

Always careful while designing your web page because 94% of first impressions online are related to design, and become increasingly challenging if you design it poorly.
For example, an engaging tagline of no use if the page is littered and visitors can’t find the particular thing that they want. The same holds true for the other page elements.

‘Scrap.me’ provides the tool that enhances your website visuality and you become decreasingly challenging if you design your website with the help of this tool.
This tool includes the following visualization, that will help your visitor to have everything they want at their doorstep.

Let’s get rolling!

Contact us
How do your visitors get in touch with you? For that, you have to give your contact details on the website.
Now you will rapidly give your contact details online without thinking anything. Wait…!!

‘Scrap.me’ is the way that not only provides the contact details but also makes for your visitor convenient to find your details. Now your contact details are present on the homepage and here you can also provide the testimonials.

Deal Bar
This is not less than a boon for your business growth that not only generates the interest but also engages your visitor and makes them curious to know about your business.

Splash Image
How will you show the current offers online that your visitor grabs first?
Obviously, there are many ways to show your offers but do you have any way that shows your offer to the visitor without doing any effort by them?

‘Scrap.me’ tool provides the offer images that will show on your landing page periodically known as splash images.

Social Bar
Helps your visitor to find out your social image that will give you a chance to convert the visitor into your client and now your customer can more rely on you than others.

No confusion…!!
Now your visitors can get their answers on the homepage itself. They do not have to go in the rush and find the answer that suits their question.

By following the above tools and strategy, you can now successfully upgrade your designing skills that make your visitor happy and finally convert them into a lifetime client.