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What Makes Your Content Shareable? These 7 Keys…

Most of the people are under the impression that good content is shareable. What that good content should comprise of is not known by many. It feels you are rewarded when people begin to share your content. All your hard work on research and framing pays off! Isn’t it? Yes…to share readable and useful content is the most intrinsic desire among the readers. But, why should they share? What sort of content gets the most shares? Given here are certain pointers that help you find out what type of content does the rounds in the Internet. Find the characteristics of the content that people adore.

Strong Desire Of Approval:

Shareable content is convincing, backed by research, logic and proofs. It creates the desire to know whats and hows. It is on a favorite topic that is talked about the most among society. If you can instill a thought-provoking idea, your content gets 32% more up-vote, likes, comments and shares. It would not be wrong to say that if you can strike the right chord by striking the popularity of something that is going on in the mind of public, you can trigger their response.

Always keep in mind the fact that Internet users scan and read only if your headline is catchy enough. If it evokes their awe or curiosity.

How-to/Step-by-Step Guide:

Creating how-to or step-by-step guide of solving a complex process is one of the most adorable content of both the readers and social-media. If you know a process and guide the ignorant readers in simple steps, you would get more shares than you think you can. That apart, this type of content is the candy of search-engines so you get more organic traffic also when your content begins to rank on the top of the Search Engines. This type of content is considered to be of high practical value and hence it is highly shareable.

Entertaining Content:

According to research conducted by the American Marketing Association, the content that arises the excitement, delight or have elicited frustration, anger and anxiety is highly shareable. Sarcastic jokes, touching quotes or funny videos have higher chances to go viral. If the content is about a story to learn, about a biography of someone who has touched many, it would be shareable.

Visually Appealing:

Do not think that only the quality of content matters. You need to break down the monotony of text. Since a majority of Internet users scan your content, chances of visual content getting noticed first are better. You need to incorporate videos and infographics explaining and endorsing your written text. In most of the cases people just see the videos when they are in hurry. Also, you can consider going only for the visual content. Explain the idea with the help of screen shots, videos and graphics. Visuals make a deeper impact on human mind and hence it explains better than the text written in thousand words. People on the net are no more readers only. They are audience which need to be engaged with visuals. Apart from having the advantage of being shareable, this type of content is easy to optimize for Search Engines.

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Organized Content:

How much importance do you lay on aesthetics? Yes! Looks do matter when it comes to sharing content. You need to organize your content in such a way that it can be scanned easily. Make sure that your content has a clear eye-path because this increases the user engagement. Visual hierarchy is important in making people understand the information quickly. The same holds true for the colors and pictures that you use in your content. Break your article into readable paras, insert bullets and numbers and most important your content should not appear to be repetitive.


No wonder why the articles in the authority sites are the most shareable ones. They are written by the experts who are master on their niches. People begin to recognize them as their solution providers and share their content with their friends and well-wishers. Here well-researched content does not mean researching well about your topic only but researching and finding well about your target audience also matter. To make your content shareable you need to research your demographics to know their needs and desires and make content accordingly.

Making Social Media Buttons Clearly Visible:

It is true that a great content speak about the people’s interest in a conversational and friendly tone. With the help of social media people connect and they share the content to connect with the like-minded people. Make sure that social media buttons are inserted in every page. They are easily visible for a convenient click.

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The beauty of social media lies in connecting. They engage with the like-minded people there. Content going viral there makes it a complete success because it satisfies the urge of writer to be approved and endorsed by a large section of the society. Content is a great way to engage visitors on your site. But yes, without knowing what exactly to write and how to write your content can never be worth reading. The number of those who devour content online is inclining constantly. No wonder why content is the buzz word in the world of marketing. More businesses than ever are relying on the power of content marketing.

There was a time when every tom, dick and harry used to write content and it was shown easily. Gone are those days now when anyone proficient in English can write a content that is read-worthy, get noticed by search engines and most importantly shareable. To write a content worth-sharing you need to know what to write, pick up whom you are writing for and most importantly an in depth knowledge or an extensive research work should be done beforehand. Content meant for connecting, educating, informing is actually adored by the readers and hence shared.

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