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Which One Is More Important – User Engagement Or Customer Engagement?

There are many things that have stayed with us and quite a few that we are still generalizing it to stay in this world. When we are into a business, we face many challenges and we learn slowly about how to tackle it to stay in this competitive world. But, there are some mistakes we often make, especially when it comes to knowing what is user engagement and customer engagement. People often confuse with the two and don’t understand that these two are majorly different from each other.

Understand this in the diagram given below.

The diagram depicts that the number of users is huge and customers are a part of them. Those who see your product are not your customers but they can be if they like and ready to spend money on it.

The mobile technology and social technology has made easier for customers to connect more easily to the service they want to use and is a great opportunity for all the business owner to utilize this as their importance.

Know What is User engagement and Customer Engagement better here.

Your user is a person who sees your message, and shows his interest in the product but still not your customer. This person can be anyone, even those who just come and see your product and like it but does not become your customer but can be your prospective customer.

They have not made any purchase so far but there are chances that they might make one soon. Someone who hears about your product from their friend or read it somewhere. So, as a businessman, you have to convert them into your customer and increase your sales.

Customer engagement, on the other hand, is those who have already purchased your product and gets engaged to your product. Those who genuinely require your product and need it will buy it eventually. Your customer will be the one whom you know well, if not well at least you know their contact number and email ids that will make you connect in some way. If you find them, you can easily say that these are your customers who use your product.

What is beneficial for you to have?

Let’s talk it separately and know what is important for your business –

If you focus on user engagement

Well, the initial step starts with the engaging user to your product. Once you will increase and create users then only you will able to convert them into your customers. So, it is, of course, an important step for all to focus. If your product has a number of eyes viewing it, it will automatically create hike and will engage many people that will convert them into your prospective customers.

If you focus on customer engagement

A few years back, it was a rarity to imagine customer engagement. Now, we are currently living in the most information rich, most demanding and multi channel time that has never existed. This makes it easy for your customers to connect with your product easily through digitalization and can become your permanent customer. Your customers are the king of your product, it is your responsibility to go to the group of people where you think people will buy your product.

Now, choose yourself, what will work best for you and your business.