Which One to Choose? A Quick Comparison Between Online and Offline Leads


Leads can be generated both online and offline. But, there is a sea of difference between the two. Each of these types have different makeup and their conversions are based on different tactics. However, the characteristics of these two differ based on the fact whether they are acquired online or off. No matter whether you have acquired leads from online source or off, the first hour is the most crucial one. Here is the quick comparison between the two.

Investment-wise Comparison:

Needless to say, offline lead generation cost you more because you need to invest you more on offline leads as you have to incur an additional expense on traveling. On the other hand, online leads cost you much lesser as it needs just an executive, data and Internet connectivity.

Conversion-rate Conversions:

As per a recent study conducted, face to face interactions have better chances of becoming prospects. 40% of the offline leads get converted. On the other hand, the conversion rate of online leads is only 18.6%

Pressure on the Leads:

It has been examined that pressure on the offline leads is lower than the offline leads. Online leads are more sensitive to follow ups and sales’ pressure tactics. Those who start building their relations with the clients expect it this to be a smooth process but normally end up in nagging the clients with repeated calls.


Online channels are used for mass marketing and are capable of engaging the customers but engagement of the customers is not the ultimate goal, conversion is! So, both the channels should be used to get great results.