Wordpress Plugin Short Code For Interactive Hyperlink

We felt the pain ourselves too whenever we had to add some hyperlink with interactive features provided by the scrap.me in wordpress because they don't allow the custom attributes such as scrapme_redirect_url, which we use in interactive hyperlinks.

So the simplest solution is to update our wordpress plugin and add this functionality into it. As of today, you can download our upgraded plugin from here, which will allow you to turn your boring wordpress hyperlinks to interactive scrap.me hyperlinks.

Shortcode Name: scrapmelink
Parameters: href, scrapme_redirect_url, title, style

href: Add the URL, which you want to be fallback URL in case javascript is not supported at the client side e.g. search bots like google.

scrapme_redirect_url: The URL where the user will be transferred once he filled the form. Either URL or "NA" if you don't want them to be transferred to any page.

title: The title, which you want to be auto filled in the query box. Also required for SEO purpose.

style: This is CSS style parameter and supports all basic parameters inside it so that you can decorate your hyperlink.


[scrapmelink title="Help" href="http://scrap.me/" scrapme_redirect_url="http://help.scrap.me" style="text-decoration:none;color:red"]Click here for support[/scrapmelink]