Convert Any Link To Interactive Link

You can convert any hyperlink into an interactive popup box, which will first take user input and then it will forward the customer to their required destination.
Traditional hyperlinks are like
<a href="">Demo Link</a>
Where their only role is to transfer a user from one page to another page but an interactive link would look like
<a href="" scrapme_redirect_url="">Demo Link</a>
The only difference is a new parameter scrapme_redirect_url="new link"
The existence of this parameter tells the system to first get the customer details through Contact Form and after that forward the user to a new page as mentioned in the scrapme_redirect_url.
If you do not want the user to get transferred to a new page after he filled the details then you can just use "NA" instead of giving a URL like:
<a href="" scrapme_redirect_url="NA">Demo Link</a>